Nowadays, there is more emphasis on our digital presence than ever. Our digital self can often take precedence on our perceived demeanor over our real selves. As a result, we try our best to curate a collection of pictures on social media, often edited or staged, where we showcase our own definitions of an interesting, yet effortlessly flawless life. If executed properly and abundantly, we can even monetize these meticulous portrayals. We now place a near dystopian-level amount of focus on how to show the best versions of ourselves online, instead of simply becoming the best we can be. This begs the question: can we ever judge ourselves objectively?

In this series, I tried to put forth a different version of myself that I have yet to portray in my work, one of my self-expression and vanity that exists in my online presence. The images not only show where I was in life at the time but also the version of myself that I truly want to be. In this way, I explored my identity - not just as a photographer or a model, but as someone who can conquer all fields.

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